What is a European Citizens’ Initiative?
The European Citizens’ Initiative, established in 2012, is a unique way for citizens to shape the EU’s future by requesting the European Commission to submit legislative proposals.
Why should I sign it?
Because you don’t agree with discrimination on ethnic grounds, which the countries in question (may) covertly employ. With your signature, you take a stand against this treatment and help national minority regions to survive and to protect their ethnic, linguistic and cultural characteristics, while you also aid the European community in safeguarding its own diversity.
How many signatures are needed?
1 million signatures are needed, at least from 7 countries, from the whole territory of the European Union. We already have 1 million signatures, but we also need to collect the prescribed signature count from 4 other countries as well, a number which changes from country to country. You can find more information on this on the petition’s website.
What happens once all the conditions are met?
Brussels has to take up the issue, but the legislative modifaction does not happen automatically. A long legislative procedure will start, the result of which will be, among other things, that minorities living in the EU will become just as essential and indispensable as majority nations.
Is this an issue concerning only the Seklers?
The initiative was started by the Seklers, but it not only concerns them, but also several other national regions of the EU. It most probably also concerns you, the person reading these words.
Why is this intiative different from previous other, seemingly similar, efforts?
It is different in that it not only supports national regions in theory, but it also aims to create the possibility for native ethnic minorities of the EU for reaching out to Brussels regarding financial support and cohesion funding. This would mean the development of infrastructure, schools, the local economy and the decrease of the rate of migration – therefore it would help national regions in maintaining their population. To achieve all this, funding is needed.
Can I sign it?
Yes, if you are an EU citizen and are eligible for signing, under the criteria of your own country (e.g. you are of age and have valid documentation).
Where can I sign it?
You can do it online, by clicking on the „Sign it” button on website. This will lead you to the page of the petition.